Raid Rules and Guidelines

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Raid Rules and Guidelines

Post by Deathsbane on Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:33 pm

Moving into Legion we have decided to push for good raiding synergy within our core group.

Expectations have gone up. Whilst We raid for the enjoyment and thrill of being able to down bosses
we are aiming to be a force to be reckoned with when Legion comes out.

The following will now be enforced.

  • Loot Priority.
        2 & 4 Set Gear & major stat upgrades will be prioritized to certain people to maximize progression.
         Loot Council - Deathsbane, Ishamal, Aisx.
  • Raid Efficiency.
        Loot will be linked in raid chat - there is no need to loot/inspect the boss.
        once the boss has been defeated, Tanks have been instructed to continue moving forward on trash.
        ALL raid members are required to push forward and assist with Trash pulls.
        Trash pulls are to be taken seriously, enough wiping on useless trash. (this goes for me also)
  • Mechanics
        are to be known prior to fight. Raid Leaders will give a brief overview of the fight and we will push on - See Raid Strategy Forum.
  • Buffs
        You are now required to have all appropriate buffs; flasks, food, pots will be provided by guild. Bring your own runes.
  • Attendance
        Attendance is to be a priority; We all have lives and play for fun however attendance needs to be a priority.
        Raid Days are as follows - Wed/Thur/Sun 7.30PM Server Time Until 10.30PM Server Time.
        Calendar sign ups are now mandatory. No sign up, No Raid.
        We Require minimum 24hours notice if you are unable to raid; penalties apply if this is not given.
  • Addons
        There are now mandatory addons for raid; please check the Addon Forum
        No addon; No raid.
  • Teamspeak 3
        Teamspeak is mandatory; Teamspeak Download
        Chat to be kept to a minimum during boss fights; appropriate people talking only; less clutter talk.

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